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What makes StarTimes (STAR-TV) different from others?

STAR-TV is a terrestrial digital television network. That is, it works without a dish. it uses mast for transmission of signals.  This makes it all weather friendly.

STAR-TV service is affordable when compared to other pay-tv services. The startimes decoder and Digital-TV is user- friendly and easy to install (as easy as connecting the DVD to your television set). Just plug and play.

What are the prices of the Decoder and Digital-TVs?

ITEM                                             UNIT PRICES

Decoder                                          TSZ 70,000


CRT 21”                                         TSZ 250,000

LCD 24                                         TSZ 570,000

LCD 32”                                         TSZ 835,000

How much is the monthly subscription and what are the methods of subscribing?


Basic Bouquet              TSZ 9,000

Uhuru Bouquet             TSZ 18,000

kili      Bouquet              TSZ 36,000

The subscription can be done in two ways:

1.The Customer can subscribe in any of our business offices;

2. Buy recharge cards from any of our business offices and dealers.

Where is StarTimes network accessible in Tanzania?

Our network is accessible in Dar es Salaam , Dodoma ,Arusha and  Mwanza. We are currently working on Mbeya,Tanga and Moshi.

How can I be one of your Dealers/Distributors?

Please visit any of our following offices for more information:

1.Dar es Salaam: TBC1,NEW Bagamoyo  Road, Mikocheni, P.O.Box 33622Dar es Salaam, Tanzania  TEL: 0779555666

2.Arusha Branch: Tanki La Maji, Mianzini,(Opp. to DoctorMohamedHospital). TEL:0773-017525

3.Dodoma Branch:Kuu Street.Madukani Area(Opposite to voda shop)  TEL:0769448289

4.Mwanza Branch:NYERERE ROAD TEL:0753216085 /0685434058

How do I rescan?

On the remote control,  press the ’Menu’ button…’System Settings’ Press OK…on ‘Channel Search’ Press the right cursor button…Select ‘Automatic  Search’ Press OK

I have a message on my screen displaying “No  Signal”, “No access, Not Subscribed”, “Smart Card Error”, “ No access, Not Activated”,  Please what can I do?

No Signal - Adjust your antenna (Internal or External) position/ direction.

No access, Not Activated - Wait a few minutes for the decoder to activate.

No access, Not Subscribed - Subscription required.

SmartCard Error - Make sure the SmartCard is properly inserted into the decoder with the chip facing down.

Can I get the smart the smartcard alone?

Yes, only if the smart card is lost or damaged. The StarTimes Smartcard works with only StarTimes products (decoders and Digital TVs).

What are the customer care numbers that I can call for inquiries?

CALL CNETER:0764700800,0769448289,0774010666,0753216085

How do I get software updates?

Updates are done automatically on the StarTimes network.

Do I get warranty for Startimes Products?

Yes, you get 12 months warranty and life-long maintenance on the Decoder.

Can an SMS message be sent on our screen to alert us of our subscription?

Yes, it is possible.

I successfully installed my decoder but still get the ‘No Signal ‘message on the TV screen, what do I do?

First:Check if the antenna is properly connected to the decoder.Second:If the signal is weak, connect your outdoor antenna to the Startimes decoder (not TV set)

Can I use my Startimes TV with other electronic devices?

Yes, you can. It can be used with your DVD, USB device, it can be used as a computer monitor, etc.

How do I activate Parental Control on my decoder?

On the remote control, press ‘MENU’---go to ‘SYSTEM SETTINGS’ press OK---go to ‘Parental Control’ press OK--- then input default password ‘0000’ and then ‘NEW PASSWORD’, repeat ‘NEW PASWORD’.


If you have any questions, please contact us freely. We will offer you the best service.

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