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Stronger Digital Signal, Multiple StarTimes offers



StarTimes, the leading digital pay-TV provider in local market, is playing its positive role during the Digital Times. In order to attract numerous potential customers in Tanzania, StarTimes brings forth new ideas and applies different kinds of approaches.

With the most affordable prices and different bouquet offers, StarTimes consolidates its brand image of making digital TV closer to all the people. Not only that, when people can access the digital more easily, StarTimes are enhancing the signals remarkably in April, 2013. Makongo transmission station, invested and built by StarTimes, is nearly finished and going through the acceptance check to wait for being put into use now.

Since Makongo transmission station locates the opposite direction to the current Kisarawe one, some customers may come across problems on receiving the signals. If people get signal jam, there are two easy ways to solve the problem. The first one is to use the indoor antenna instead of the outdoor one; the second is to adjust the direction of the outdoor antenna to Makongo. According to the feedbacks, customers in Tegeta and some other areas are only to use the indoor antenna to get much more quality signals now.

During the signal testing period, continuous tests by technical professionals are provided especially at night to ensure the new transmission station will be stable and well-functioning for a long time. It is learned that much more customers in Dar es Salaam can receive high quality signals through the indoor antenna only easily in the near future.

In the colorful digital times, Makongo transmission station is not only for StarTimes DTT service, but also for StarTimes’ new service with a sub-brand name called StarTimes move. StarTimes move is to offer new kinds of portable products to let people enjoy TV whenever and wherever possible so as to meet the requirement of mobile users. It mainly provides digital television programs and information services to portable terminal products, including Mobile TV Phone, Portable TV, Car TV and other small electronic devices.

StarTimes Move is a mobile broadcast technology that allows for the digital terrestrial broadcast of live TV channels to a mobile handset. Different from 3G, there isn’t any data cost of the mobile phone when watch StarTimes TV program.

With StarTimes Move, customers can enjoy up to 12 wonderful local and StarTimes featured digital TV channels with acceptable cost. Signal coverage is now available in DAR and Arusha, and also in Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Mozambique, where is free roam.

Provision of quality products, good performance, affordable prices, long service life and satisfactory service to serve the numerous customers and ensure all Tanzanians enjoy digital life, have always been the objectives of StarTimes. In this digital year of 2013, StarTimes will dedicate unfailing efforts, enthusiasm and whole-hearted service for the success of Tanzania’s Digital Broadcasting Era!

Hans Han


StarTimes Marketing Director





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